Hello everyone from Nebraska.

If anyone in Nebraska or surrounding states is looking for a totally amazing place to go hanging I strongly suggest Indian Cave State Park. It is near Shubert Nebraska. It is right on the Missouri River. I go backpacking there at least twice every year.

This place has about 22 miles of hiking trails. You can hike and camp anywhere along the miles of trails. In the back country there are primitive camping sites and also a few Adirondack shelters. I will be going on my next backing trip there at the end of September.

This will be my first test of the HH Exp Zip I just got. I have hung it in the tress at my fathers place already but this will be its maiden voyage as far as actual camping trips and my first night in my hammock will go. I plan on taking pictures and will post some and also thoughts of my first overnight hang when I get back.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has ever been to Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska and if you haven't you should. You would never know your in Nebraska once in the park. It's like someone cut a piece of the Ozarks out and dropped it in Nebraska along the Missouri River. Absolutely Beautiful. So wish me luck on my first trip out with the hammock. If anyone has any suggestions how to make my first hanging trip go smooth, I am all ears.