Hello all. Hope this reaches everyone well. GO BIG RED!!!!

I have never been to a hang before as I just recently got my HH. I would love to go to one and be able to meet some of the other HF folks from Nebraska on here. I saw from old posts that in 2010 and 2011 I believe some folks did a hang at Indian Cave State Park. I was wondering if anyone knew if anyone was setting up a hang there for this fall (2012) and if so when as I would love to go. If not, is there anyone interested in organizing one?

I will be going there the last weekend of this month of September 2012. I believe the dates are 9-28 through 10-1. If anyone on here is planning on going that weekend as well just to camp it would be cool at least to meet up with a fellow HF member and chat a little. Im new to all of this but have been bitten by the bug and would love to see others set ups.

If someone cant get a Nebraska Hang set up for this fall then maybe someone could get one squared away for the spring. Any thoughts on this?