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    just hang hammock from rafters or ceiling. You can also use a hammock stand - just be sure that the stand will work with the hammock. Byer stands typically will hold most manufacturers hammocks, but the reverse is not always true.

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    I plan on bolting mine not in the stud but in the double plate at the top of the interior wall. That way you are not just pulling on a single stud but rather the top plates that are connected to the stud and ceiling joyce. My house is constructed w/ 2x6 so there is more for me to bolt into.

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    Wal-Mart still has this 10' hammock bliss stand for only 46 bucks......mine is coming in next week hopefully (chose free site to store).

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    I used two gate clamps and screwed them to the rafters in the attic. the gate clamps have to stakes on it pointing up to slot the gate on its perfect for a loop


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