So I am getting ready to convert my WBBB-Whoopie-soft shackle-tree strap set up over to Whoopie Hooks and a continuous loop.

The problem is - I can't for the life of me decide whether to put the hook on the adjustable end of the Whoopie or on the continuous loop that will be larks headed to the hammock.
I realize either set up will work well, I am just curious as to some of the benefits or drawbacks of each, from those that are using them.

I would think that having the hook on the end of the Whoopie would make it easier to find the end of the whoopie during set up and it would be nice to keep the hook out of the hammock bag and possibly tangling or catching on the hammock/tieouts/bugnet/ridgeline.
Having the hook on the hammock side might provide a little more flexibility for using multiple suspensions i.e. hooking to another fixed loop attached directly to the tree straps when the trees are too close together.

So what are your experiences HF - I am sitting here with cut amsteel ready to splice, I just can't decide where to put the hooks (and only have 1 pair so far)