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    I would put it on the continual loop and paint them different colors for head and foot end.


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    Quote Originally Posted by OutdoorJunkie1992 View Post
    I would put it on the continual loop and paint them different colors for head and foot end.

    That is another good idea, but I had already changed out the draw cord at the head end of the stuff sack (double ended) with a piece of yellow zing It, very easy to see, even in low light.

    I do like having both the tree straps and the whoopies fixed together for storage. I can easily keep them separate from the hammock in a small stuff sack to keep the sap and moisture off of the hammock.

    I think I will probably make another 12" continuous loop with a whoopie hook spliced in it to take the place of a whoopie sling if the trees are too close together. I like to carry a little extra line anyway.

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    I'm so glad I found this thread. I have had a lot of the same ideas. My plan when my Amsteel shows up is to Dutch hook the adjustable end. Then I will attach the fixed end to my hammock. For the tree straps I am thinking of a (dog bone) double fixed end link to connect my straps. That way I have a couple more options if I need.

    This strap idea will let me lengthen or shorten my tree strap by deciding where to Larks head the bone. Connect it to both ends and I have a setup for a shorter distance. Thread one end of the strap through the other and then attach the bone to the long end of the strap and I can get some more distance. The hook will connect right to the bone.

    Does anyone else use this method? I Would be interested to know if they do and how it works. I think this should also lighten the weight by a very tiny bit since you won't need a toggle or Dutch clip or carabiner.

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