Brandon, as a new diyer I am curious if you would divulge how many prototypes it took to develop the blackbird and the ridge runner to the point you could sell the first one? Obviously, a lot of thought has gone into the brilliant design of both hammocks. I am curious about how a professional tackles the iterative design process. You mentioned in a post that you had destructively tested both designs. I assume you built a few/ some/ many refining the designs. I would also be interested in how long it took from idea to product launch. If this information is too classified or close to your business model/interest I won't be insulted if you prefer not to answer. Just curious as I have been building and designing a new home/ car camping hammock. After I built the first I have new ideas for a second and wonder how long this can go on till I am happy enough with my design to post it in the diy section. Taking a product to market has to be an even longer more grueling process.