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So I picked up some poplar dowels, 3/4". Couldn't find oak long enough. Tried a hang and CRACK!! They were straight-grained. The sides of my suspension triangles are 26". I weigh 200lbs. What kind of dowels will be strong enough? Should I lengthen the suspension triangle?
What length spreader bars were you using? Also what is the fabric width of your hammock at the head and foot ends? Lastly what is your suspension triangle side length from the corner of the hammock at the spreader bar to the apex where your hammock suspension goes to the tree strap?

Just to give you some reference, I have a bridge hammock that started out at 54" raw fabric width at both ends. I have a 36" spreader bar length between notches, and a 30" suspension triangle side length. I am a portly fellow and used 1" hardwood dowels sold at Home Depot. My local one has them in 48" length at I cut them to 37" and cut 1/2" deep notches to fit into the corner rings I use.

The closer the ratio of spreader bar length to fabric width at either end approaches 1:1 then the longer the suspension triangle length you will need to minimize compression forces on the spreader bar.