First night was severel weeks ago, first time in a hammock. Location was my wooded backyard, NW New Jersey. Started at about 25, ended at about 20.
Lasted the night, got snowed on too. Equipment was an Eagle Creek Hammock with a nylon tarp just draped over all. I clipped a silver tarp to the bottom outside and put two ridge rests in the hammock sleeve next to one another. Slept in an ancient Sierra Designs synthetic bag, weighs about seven pounds. Stayed warm enough, but just. The RR's shuffled together like a deck of cards so my sides got cool/cold. Not a great night's sleep. (Coyotes or coy-dogs woke me several times yipping and howling...)

So tonight it's supposed to snow about 10 t0 16 inches, temps should be a few degress cooler than last time. I'll be in a HH ultralight with the undercover and their open cell foam insulation. Probably put a thin space blanket in there too. In the hammock I'll be in a 20 degree down Marmot that's in a Big Agnes 40 degree synthetic. The BA has a RR closed cell in the bottom. Over it all is an 8x10 yard tarp. I'll be wearing some fleece and either a fleec or polarguard balaclava

I don't look forward to wrestling into the bag(s) inside the hammock. Any suggestions there?

Well any words of wisdom will be appreciated. Wish me luck....