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Let's keep in mind "denial" is a river in Egypt.

Seriously though...if you have a pad and who knows what else lying in the bottom of your hammock, don't you have to move it aside to enter your hammock? With the Claytor your pad isn't even in your hammock. All you do is slip under your underquilt/sleeping bag. It just seems like there would have to be quite a bit of rearranging resulting from entering from the bottom of your hammock.

Regarding your poll....Claytor hammocks haven't been around that long and he doesn't seem to advertise his products even within the backpacking/hammocking community. The exact opposite could be said about Hennesy. Bottom line....use what pleases you. Until recently I'll bet very few people on this forum or Whiteblaze have ever seen Claytor.

It's only a matter of tome before Neo will convert you all!

Have a great day, Miguel
I get the same utility out of my homemade for a lot less weight....