OK, here you go guys...this SHOULD (and i stress should, because there are always those who try fly in the face of reason) end all discussion as to whether or not this is possible.

First of all, magnetic fields are not a kinetic (active) energy source. Magnets can, however, be a potential (passive) energy source. What this means is that it's impossible for a magnet to move an object without interference from an outside energy source:
For a magnet to apply force to an object it requires kinetic energy to move the object (or magnet) into the magnetic field. This builds up potential energy, which is again released as kinetic energy when the external force is removed...so the hand in the video is the external force...it spins the fan...the fan can only spin for as long as the hand's force allows it to...that is, until friction brings it to a halt.

Electro magnets require electricity to apply force and regular magnets require a object to move into it's field to apply force on it (in which case, the 2nd object is the source of energy)

...what is being suggested in the video and by some here, is that a magnet can create kinetic energy on it's own...according to our current understanding of physics (specifically, Netwon's Laws of Motion) this is not possible...especially when this specific situation implies that the fan is working against friction (moving the air).

Magnetic fields can sustain a state (floating...etc) but cannot change it without an external force (physical or electricity).

That said, I'll still play around with it because I find this stuff fun to play around with and I know I have at least fan with a burned out motor laying around...but I understand physics and electronics well enough to know that this isn't going to work as described.