ok i have decided to get a HH but im indecisive i not super tall "6ft" but as most of yall know i am quite a large man "400+lbs" so i have a list of questions that i cant seem to find the answers too.
1. is the larger hh's explored delux, safari style hammocks single or double layer?
2. is the body of the hammock a ripstop nylon cause all the site says is 210 D oxford nylon and that worries me as far as a strength factor as my late wbbb was a 1.7dl and it had no stretch?
3. i remember hearing from somewhere that the weight limmits come from the suspension and we all know that if we use amsteel whoopies "greatest thing since sliced bread" the weight limmit is a non issue?
4. another weird thing i noticed in the specs on the explorer delux is 56in wide where as the safari which i hear is "so much bigger" is only 52in wide, is this a misconseption or is this true as far as usable width?
5. does the fabric of the hh's stretch say like the taffia "parashute fabric used in the grand trunks hammocks fabric", or is it like the ripstop fabric in that there is very little to no stretch?
6. when your in the safari or the delux how high does the sides come up where the zip entrance is "because on the skeeter beater pro i had came up so far that i had a really hard time getting out of it as i sank really deep into the hammock. but in my late wbbb i could just swing my legs over and stand up" which is what im really looking for"?"
6. also i have read on here that in the safari "since it is about a foot longer but not as wide" you can get a really flat lay so in the delux can i get the same flat lay?
7. if the hh's are a single layer are the skeeters able to bite through the fabric?

also if there is anything that im missing please inform me
also im needing to order this hammock asap for a hang 2 weeks from now so any info asap would be great.