In the short amount of time I have been a member of the HF community, it seems like nearly everyday, certainly every week a new user is fretting over making the perfect choice for their first hammock. There are a lot of choices out there from a lot of great companies. I believe they are worrying to much and trying to achieve something they certainly cannot make with their first choice, hammock bliss. I think everyone ends up modifying or even abandoning whatever they first buy and this needs to be made apparent to newbies. Just jump in, have fun, hang out!

So here it is, how many of you are still exclusively using your first hammock the way it arrived?

I started with a ENO DN, mainly because they are everywhere. I bought it before I knew about HF. I have since passed that on to my son, who passed his ENO SN to his sister. They are both hanging in their bedrooms. I have almost certainly found my last hammock, the BIAS WW DL. It hangs on the trail, in my carport and most recently found a spot in the playroom.

Well, maybe not my last...BIAS....