I put my budget Hammocka hammock out in the back yard last night for my first trial hang. I was woefully unprepared for the event and I suspect, like most, found myself modifying and adjusting things as daylight descended.

I needed to add a tarp because I'd forgotten the dew that would cover me by morning and I also wanted to have a drink of water handy. I quickly found my 8 X 6 Walmart tarp from my tent gear and afixed that to a hastily configured ridge line. I used snap clips to attach everything (I know, not the lightest method but it was quick and it worked.) I grabbed some wire tent pegs from my kit and laid down some side lines.

This seemed to work pretty well, but I wasn't ready yet. I dressed in long pants, a tshirt and long sleeved shirt, and socks, despite it having been a warm day, I thought the night would be cool. Oh, boy...the temp dropped quickly after sunset and by 1:00 am I was getting pretty cold. I hadn't configured an under-quilt and I needed my sleeping bag, which I hadn't pulled out of my gear. So, I bailed and went into bed.

This picture was taken this morning and I was pleased with my first experiment. The trees are so very far apart that I needed a ladder to get the attachment point high enough for a good sag. This was my major issue in every attempt to hang previously and it came to me last night as I was sitting down to enjoy an adult beverage in my Hammocka. Looking up at the clouds sailing by, I noticed the location of the ropes just didn't seem high enough. So, I pulled out the step ladder that I'd been using earlier and move 'em up three feet. Perfect, and then it hit me; "I should try an overnight experiment."

Well, I'll need to make some adjustments, and I need to add a welcome mat-ground pad of some sort for entry/exit to facilitate clean feet, but I call it a success.

Except: This morning, when I went out to check on my configuration, I found that there was a LOT of dew on the underside of my Walmart tarp. I mean a lot. So much, that if I were in my hammock and accidentally hit the tarp, it would drip on me and would be like rain. What's the solution to this problem. I wouldn't want to be out in the woods with this kind of issue, but I realize that the amount of fog was pretty intense last night/this morning. Would a different material react differently? What's your opinion?