Got my HH sling about 5 days ago and I am in hanging heaven. As I posted elsewhere, I've been hanging since the early 90s in military surplus slings and have had some great experiences, but I'm getting ready for a 30-day cross country motorcycle trip and decided to look around at what's on the market these days. Well, my research led to Hennessy and eventually to this forum. Who woulda thunk there were so many of you guys hanging from the trees. So, I ordered a HH Explorer, got it last Tuesday and life is good. Of course, I had to do the byh (back yard hang) to see how everything worked and test it all out before hitting the road. Been sleeping out there ever since. The wife is starting to wonder exactly what it is with me and this hammock. All in all, it's a great piece of equipment. Easy to set up - I even use the Hennessy knot, piece of cake. Love the integral bug screen (much nicer than the Vietnam-era jungle hammock) and the ease of attaching the fly. The snakeskins and tree huggers are true pieces of genius. My only complaint is that I don't have the field of view that I had in my old surplus slings. One of the greatest things about hammock camping is waking up and watching the world around you. Woke up once on the Olympic Peninsula surrounded by a herd of elk. Incredible. So I kinda resent the high sides on the Hennessy but the comfort is a definite plus. OK. That's my take on the Hennessy Explorer. Happy trails, buckaroos.