Or is it "Goomeegitchee"

"Nobody ever said that it was easy living out there in Indian country...especially the Indians".

"You sure you are not Indian?"

But, to get back to your original post....yes, it is a good idea to have a $2.00 s-biner fail first, instead of a $100.00 or more tarp get shredded.

I have an Ogee tarp and for the very reason that you have just stated, I chose to go with the #2 S-biner (plastic) at the tie out points to create a failure point also. The tarp is so well made, that I knew I wanted a failure-point somewhere in the riggin'.

I once saw in aN USAF safety report, where the engine had been torn from the wing of a C-130 Hurricane Chaser-type aircraft, by an 80mph gust while the plane was anchored down to the runway. Thank goodness that the attaching points failed before the entire wing assembly did.

Just sayin"