My mom helped me sew a DIY Kmart Down UQ this weekend.
Same as everyone else's, but I am proud of it.

1.1 ripstop (Backwoods daydreamer)
16 oz Kmart Down
(I'm sticking with the 550 FP estimate. Also, tag says 75% down, but I only found 2 feathers.)
44" x 60" with 2..25" baffles (Baffles made from 2.5" organza ribbon ---- no cutting strips of bug net).
(Mom insisted we bump length from 55 to 60. She did not have faith in the 3/4 UQ concept. I'm not going to argue with my mom.)
2" + loft
Total weight with way too much shock cord is 28.60 oz.
1.5" grosgrain on head and foot for "cinching"
1.5" grosgrain down long sides for shock cord suspension method
Webbing loops in each corner for alternate suspension.
I will decide later which version I like better.
We left darts out. (We actually did some teeny tiny darts to make the narrower top side match the wider bottom side when we sewed it shut, but we did not do the traditional darts which help shape the UQ into a bowl shape. That is why my UQ lays flat in photos of it on the floor. Why did we leave the darts out? Because there are so many decisions to make along the way and thats just what we decided)
$10 Kmart pillow
$18 rip stop
$5 Guttermans
$5 grosgrain 1.5"
$7 organza ribbon 2.5"
$3 webbing
2 hours cutting and measuring
7 hours sewing
1 hour stuffing down
1 hour second guessing myself
130 hours planning, reading Hammock Forum, thinking, stealing ideas, taking notes, wasting time at work