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    just got my SNIPE, WL bugnet, LST, and Tarp skins!

    After Having my adding whoopies tree huggers and an SRL ENO double and using it for 6 months and using it weekly I had decided I wanted an upgrade so to make my weekly campouts easier I decided on the the LST and tarp skins. Soon after watching a video posted by the one and only shug i added the snipe to my order.......

    The LST- upon initial inspection the LST seems to be super well made and almost like an snake skin made out of silnylon on steroilds with drawstring on eachside. I set up my ENO and put my sleeping bag pillow hoodie flashlight bug net and the bottom half of my zipper off pants in it and I slid the LST over it and it swollowed it up with allot of left over room I would assume that a UQ and TQ would be no issue now having used it a couple of times I personally like to sinch the draw string extra tight but it doesnt always stay tight because of the flat cord i may swap it out for shock cord or 550 your milage may vary. overal a very convienient item highly recommended P.S. Buy the large it is worth it if you need the room later if not this thing is very compressable in the pack it just keeps pushing down as I load gear into my osprey atmos 65

    SNAKE SKINS- upon opening the package I knew these were high quality they even have an extra layer on the small end to prevent wear. I currently use the hennesey hex fly the largest fly they have with a 12ft ridgeline. with that being said after I set up the tarp and was able to get the skins on the tarp i found since it is a large tarp it bunches up in the middle if i just slide them over from both ends but still fit so now before i slide the skins over it I pull the bottom of the tarp to the ridge line just on the end to get it started so it goes into the skins evenly not this is not needed i just do it because i have some minor OCD. These are great skins and i have zero complaints and nothing i would change about these skins

    BUGNET- the bug net it super high quality It fits all my hammocksand also has a dring at both ends if i didnt have a ridgeline to suspend it even higher off my face but i dont see this thing sagging anyway so it shouldnt be a problem It comes in a nice stuff sack that i now use for hygene stuff because I have LST you can set it up so it will open from either side depending on your prefrence it has velfro on the ends where the whoopies or straps would come out snd does velcro strongly i dont see it wearing out anytime soon. I like that it opens wide with a double zipper and i can tuck the flap underneath me and still lounge in it durring the day with the bug net still on. there have been several nights where i put my hoodie my socks and pants in the bottom of the bug net and it did not sag so i now use it to dry gear or keep and extra change of clothes in case i get cold at night.

    THE SNIPE!!!- I got this as an upgrade to the ENO double nest( i stole the black bishop bag from the snipe and now use it for the ENO) which I still like very much with some modifications from whoopieslings. I set up the snipe under my tarp with the SRL set to 110" LST and all my other goodies so that I can compare it to my ENO when i layed in it I noticed that no matter how much i moved and tried to find it uncomfortable I ended up sliding into the same spot I squirmed out of I liked this alot it almost finds the sweet spot for you! i immediateley noticed a super flat lay and NO ENO FLOPPY SIDES even without sinching the shock cord! I like the whoopies but prefer the dyna glides i have and i amd saving the tree huggers as i already have a pair but the WL pair seems better. I have had 6 months in the ENO using it @ nights almost every week and only 2 nights in the snipe and heres my verdict

    Comfort- Snipe only due to the no floppy sides and ease of finding sweet spot. I like the ENO material better

    Weight- Snipe I love how light it is

    Price-Snipe I got the ENO cheap but moded it allot and bought the whoopies so it came out to be about the same in the end so i got the snipe with now mods needed

    Durablilty- ENO i think the snipe could handle it but i have put the ENO thru hell we will see later if the snipe can take it shug has some great clips of him falling into it so it looks promising

    Sleep- ENO for now becuase i am use to it I slept very well in the snipe but I woke up becuase I hung it too high on the head side so i adjusted it and slept great I am still getting the feel for how i like the footbox and head space to be adjusted but i love not having floppy sides.

    Overall- Snipe is my new favorite!

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    Congrats on some great new gear!
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    How cold is it?
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    Can't go wrong with WL. I've really loved everything I've gotten from them.
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    welcome to the WL family. you will find,as i have, that WL quality control is top notch.
    all their products are well thought out and executed with great care.
    the lazy slug tube is the bomb. they make great storage shelves too.

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