Spent my first night in a hammock over the weekend. Been backpacking most of my life, I am very comfortable sleeping in the back country. I decided to give the hammock a shot because of the versatility and lighter weight.

Without question it was the worst night of sleep I have ever had in the back country.

I was so interested in making this concept work that I overlooked some fundamental flaws in the idea. I am an active sleeper, and primarily a side sleeper. Evidently there is a very narrow window of "sweet spot" to be comfortable in a hammock, and I cannot abide laying in the same position all night. I cannot sleep in a restrictive mummy bag for this reason either.

In the wee hours of the night, after little sleep, I finally threw in the towel, climbed out, lowered the hammock to the ground, climbed back inside and got the only real sleep I had that night. I only regret that I didnt do this sooner, as the sun rose about an hour later.

Hennessy Hammock A-sym Zip UL Backpacker.

The good news is I bought it from REI, so return will be easy. My hammock experiment was over when it started. Just not for me.