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Pretty sure Kelly Dahl was closed last time we went. I think Grant called and they said it was fine as long as we didn't expect any services, plowing, etc. I was surprised the privy was open. But...they might still let us camp there, so that just means less of a crowd to deal with.
I think you're mixing up Kelly Dahl, which we went to for the Summer Hang while it was open, and Burning Bear, which was definitely closed for the 1st Winter Hang but they didn't care, and we were relieved that the toilets were open.

For that matter, the second winter hang, at Rampart Reservoir, was also technically closed, I think - that would be the one where Outandback pulk'ed a bunch of firewood across the asphalt, and again there was a bathroom open near the entrance of the park when we expected them to be closed.