I have seen where if someone is shooting for comfort at 30 degrees, they may use a 20 degree UQ with a 40 degree TQ.

The logic is the UQ partially wraps around your sides and so the 20 UQ and 40 TQ get you to 30 degrees comfortably.

Can the same thing be done with a baffles UQ and sewn thru TQ?

I want to take a 20 degree baffled UQ and a 35-40 degree sewn thru TQ to get to 32.

My logic is:
The UQ is laid in a pristine shape so the cold spots from sewn thru matter.
But a TQ is bunched and squnched and wrinkled and balled up, so the cold spots are not as relevant.

So what are your thoughts on pairing a sewn thru TQ with a baffled UQ for WINTER use?