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Now that I'm sold on this DIY venture, is taffeta fairly thick? In Louisiana, the state bird is the mosquito, and they're out and about this time of year. Would one need to double up on the fabric to keep from becoming a pin cushion on the bottom, or would a single layer be sufficient?

With that being said, if you're looking for material similar to what ENO's are made from, it's my personal experience that critters can bite you through the bug net AND the hammock if you're pushing up against the walls. Don't know if that's a factor for you Swank, but it's a priority for me.
Yes I know what you are talking about. I have been bitten thru the ENO fabric. My Bias has their bugnet, that hangs low and loose. I have yet to get a bite while in that one.

I am just thinking, naively, that the taffeta might be easier to sew than the ripstop. I plan on playing with several materials and getting it dialed in, then I will start my own hammock company to justify these expenses. I figure I can justify buying each and everyone else's models for personal use and write it off as R & D! It will definitely show a loss every year.