New....Just invented (I think)....and oh so fashionable!

The Two Two Three Toggle Tarp Tensioner.

My new 6T shock cord devices work great to hold the ends of my ugly, cheap, blue Lowes el-cheapo tarp.

I took a few minutes to set the tarp up in the back yard this afternoon in order to assure I had what I will need this weekend at the upcoming Hot Springs hang. I played with a few different setups and finally settled on this one.

Then I realized I wanted to pull the corners back in order to improve ventilation and access. "I know! I'll use shock cord and some biners or something." One thing lead to another (story of my life) and I thought of these. I've got buckets of brass laying around so I thought I could repurpose something and make it work.

Here is what I came up with.

I drilled a hole in the side of each cartridge (expended of course) and then fed some shock cord into it. I knotted the end and pulled the knot back inside the cartridge. Length can very depending on your use.

For a small price (some advice, a peek at your gear, a beer, or maybe a nip from your flask) I might be convinced to part with some of the toggles at the Hot Springs hang. I know only noobs and the financially desperate use blue tarps and most of you will have Cuban and silnylon but you might still have a use for them.
I think they project anything from "Violaters will be Perforated" to "A poor but Macgyverish guy hangs under this tarp."

What do you think?