I had a few moments today to look through some web sites and gather a list of the 8 sites along the LHHT the mileages to them in correspondence to the overall trail miles. From this I have gotten two possibilities, which may change based on the reply I get from my email that I sent to the Rangers and staff.

First is the complete listing, then the possibilities, as always if there is any information that is incorrect please either let me know or fix it.


PA 56 Trailhead- Mile 70

Hike 5.1 miles

Rt 56 Decker Ave site- Mile 64.9

Hike 8 miles

Rt 271 Site- Mile 56.9

Hike 10.4 miles

Rt 30 site- Mile 46.5

Hike 8.3 miles

Turnpike site- Mile 38.2

Hike 5.7 miles

Rt 31 site- Mile 32.5

Hike 8.5 miles

Grindle Ridge site- Mile 24

Hike 5.5 miles

Rt 653 site- Mile 18.5

Hike 12.2 miles

Ohio site- Mile 6.3

Hike 6.3 miles

End at OhioPyle St Pk

Now for the two possible hikes, I will just post the sites, from there you can figure out the total mileages with what I have posted above.


Start at PA 56 trailhead


Rt 271

Rt 30

Rt 31

Rt 653


End @ OhioPyle


Start @ PA 56 trailhead


Rt 271

Rt 30



Rt 653


End @ OhioPyle

The dates of the first one would end up being 8/4 - 8/10 and the second one would be 8/4 - 8/11. These dates are just tentative, pending the final outcome of the email reply but will most likely be starting on the 4th. There is a possibility that I may get out there on the night of the 3rd which others may want to chime in on this as we would be requiring some form of a shuttle. Whether it be from one of our vehicles (or two depending on group size) or paying for a shuttle service (more that go the less the shuttle bill per person could end up being). But this all could be worked out as the date gets closer.

FWIW I have looked at the elevation profile many times and this seems to be a slightly less strenuous hike (a gentile hike so to speak) in the direction that I have chosen, so for those whom feel they cannot put the miles in, it may very well end up being easier than one thinks. It appears that there is very little elevation change for almost everyday, a few hundred here and there but nothing to what one would experience on say the AT. The hardest day would end up being the first day, which for both possibilities is the same (5.1 miles).

Either way if there are those whom feel that they cannot do it I completely understand, and still have the utmost respect. But if you are able to help us in anyways that would be greatly appreciated by me, and I am sure by all.

The two tasks that are still up in the air (well one is pretty much taken care of) is a shuttle and food drop. As the date gets closer I will speak with a friend whom has shown interest in helping with the food drop, and once final details are worked out names and addresses will be exchanged so that you food box can be sent (in time if something should happen to replace it). Once the route is decided then I will work on the drop point, which should be fairly easy since there are parking lots all along the route. Which brings up another possibility is for those who can only do half you could meet us at the drop point and hike with us from there? Plus many more possible entry spots.

Let me know what you think.