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    Integrated Under Quilt

    Posed once in the wrong area.
    I have a WBBB double layer hammock and I was thinking of integrating my under quilt by using the outside layer of the hammock as one side of the quilt. I plane to use Momentum 50 as the underside. Iím going to do sew through with about a 2 in differential cut to avoid compressing the down. Fill will be 900 fill down from Thru Hiker 6 oz. This should give me 1.5 in of loft in 8 chambers. Easy 40* or lower. With the 2.5 oz. for the Momentum it adds about 8.5 oz. to the weight of the Hammock.
    I see this as an advantage in that you.
    1. Avoid shifting
    2 Cuts the weight of the under quilt.
    Any comments as to whether this will or wonít work would be greatly appreciated.

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    Two issues have been seen by folks who've gone this route before:

    1.) It doesn't work too well in hot weather, since there's no way to vent the quilt (less of a problem in NC than it is here, but still...).

    2.) The hammock body stretches over time, compressing the insulation as it gets more use since the bottom of the quilt doesn't stretch.

    JustJeff did a couple of hammock designs with integral insulation, located here, under "DownHammock" and "WarmHammock".

    WV has done the same thing with cuben; he shows it off in this thread (his neatly sidesteps the insulation compression issue by using a non-stretch material for the hammock body).

    Hope it helps!
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