So, I checked with some of the cottage vendors and I found some that were willing to attach a door kit to my tarp, but I have a lot of trips planned over the next couple of months, so I can't really spare my tarp for the time to make the mod. Needless to say, I had one of these $10 backpacking tarps from WallyWorld and thought I'd try my hand at the DIY.

I took some rough measurements and started cutting. After I spent some time hemming the edges and sewing some ribbon on the tie out points, this is what I ended up with.

Here's what it looks like on the tarp.

Anyway, it seems like it's going to do what it's supposed to. I only made doors for 1 side. I feel like that should handle just about anything that I run into. I've got another tarp so I could make a set for the other side, but I was kinda saving that for a PIF Oh, I also made this little bag with some of the extra scraps I have left over.