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    Post Underground Quilts on HH's First impressions

    Hey all,

    My son ThreeD and I received our UGQ Zeppelins about a week ago and I thought it time to start a mini review on them. Tonight I will post pics of them on a net-less Safari, an Explorer Deluxe classic, and on an Expedition asym zip. This should help you all get a feel for the size of the quilts.

    First the specs. These are both 20 degree long UQ's with resist down and 1 ounce of extra once of fill and they both have draft collars. They are grey inside with red out and they are beautiful. Paul makes a very nice quilt

    They are spec'd on the web site to be 49x83 for the long size. Ours measure out 49x83 as listed on the web site. I don't have a scale but would guess they are right on the listed 25 ounce plus 1 of fill and 1 for length so 27-28 ounces should be a good guess for total weight.

    These are our first UQ's so take what I have to say with that in mind. Prior to this we have used closed cell foam pads and then we got HHSS this past fall and have been enjoying them very much. This year we plan a couple colder nights so decided we would add these UQ's to our growing hammock arsenal.

    I will post some thoughts on the quilts in the coming evenings but for now here are pics of the quilt on the three different size hammocks both empty and with ThreeD in them. The first three pics are the expedition, the next three are the explorer (it is more brown then the other two which are green), the next two pics are the safari followed by ThreeD's brief but poignant review and the last pic shows one quilt in its storage bag next to one laid out along with the storage and smaller stuff sacks which came with both quilts.

    Hope these help someone out there who is trying to decide what to get.

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    Man that looks nice.

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