I'm a little worried I'm going to be in a minority opinion here based on free market economics, but...

It bothers me when I see used gear posted for very close to the list price of new gear offered by our fine cottage vendors. I personally would rather spend a few extra bucks and buy from those vendors rather than pay near-equivalent money for used gear, how ever lightly it might have been used.

I realize that much of the gear we use either works or it doesn't, and is typically pretty well cared for, and therefore, pretty much as good as new. But, there's no guarantee of this other than pics to show that it at least looks as if its as good as new. Shouldn't I expect to pay a discount of somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 20% or so off market value new? I mean off list price, but wouldn't that also apply to sale prices, if currently on sale, or if sales are recurring?

I suppose some would say that if a buyer is willing to pay you whatever you list it for, then there is no reason the seller shouldn't list it for whatever he can get. Outside of issues with lack of inventory or exorbitant shipping, I personally would feel like I'm trying to get something for nothing by listing gear, etc., without accounting for either diminished value, OR the value of another sale that I am taking away from the maker of the product. For North Face, Marmot, etc., its not an issue. However, I highly value the friendly competition fostered by the market we have created and the resulting innovation and broadening of available products/solutions. I know margins are slim and every little bit helps these guys/gals.

I'm not in favor of any arbitrary rule for selling used gear. Just thought I'd see if any others were thinking the same or similar, and thought it might be good to bring some awareness to the table if so. Am I just ranting by myself?