Hey all!

Thanks to the plethora of knowledge in this forum, I was able to turn some sheets of fabric, thread, and down, into this!

My first legitimate down DIY project. Thanks to all who came before me and shared their experiences and projects with us!

Quick specs:

- 80"x50" final size
- ~14 oz. of 850 fill down
- 22.25 oz. total weight
- 1.5" baffles
- 4+" of loft in the center of the boxes

Nothing new or innovative was done on this quilt that was found on the posts already on this forum, all I did was soak in all of that information and put my own take on it. The whole project went suspiciously smooth, too.

Some of my takeaways of building this quilt:

- Masking tape/Painter's tape is AMAZING at measuring, placing, and sewing baffles

- Those little black metal office clips are invaluable

- Making the karo baffles close together makes a LOT more work massaging down into the quilt when stuffing (I had 7" baffles spaced 3" apart), but also helps the down to stay in place afterwards. It was worth the effort in the end

All in all, I couldn't be happier with the quilt! Although I have a drawstring channel in the foot end, I still have yet to design my footbox enclosure. I'm debating on omni tape or buttons/loops. I can't forsee needing a footbox until winter, so there is no rush on that.

So what's next? Making a UQ that's big enough, fluffy enough, and warm enough to make THIS top quilt the only quilt I'll need for winter camping. Even with the 1.5" baffles, I think this quilt can handle it!