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    BMBH DIY Sock idea...

    I have been thinking about making a DIY sock to fit my BMBH Deluxe. I use Neoair air pad 25" x 77" in the pad sleeve as my under insulation. I do not have much experince in cool weather camping, but here is my thought for a design.

    What If I took a piece of breathable nylon and cut it the exact same size and shape of the bug net, sew on zippers, basicly creating a replica of the bug net, but instead it would be a enclosed area acting like a sock. To do this I would cut the bug net along the long side of the hammock where it meets the nylon (the only side without a zipper) and where I cut, sew in a long strip of omni tape on the cut edge of the bug net, and along the length of the hammock so I can re attach in nice weather when needed, or just have the ablity to leave it at home when bugs are not a promblem. The nylon sock replica could then be attached with the same set up with an omni tape strip, and zipper in on the other 3 sides. Since I am using the air pad in the sleeve, my thought is that it may not have to go underneith with the sock material....??? Anyone have any thought or comments on this idea?
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    I made one,,to go over my RL out of Momentum 90MR (tafetta). It took about 4.50 yds and by hand sewing,,,about 20 hrs,,will make a video Sat of it and post it for you to look at on my BMBH UL. With 2Q & ZQ's new UQP the setup is perfect for me and gives me many options of hanging in different weather. And still keeping the weight down. Love the setup.
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