So I've been trying a couple different setups to work the CBS as temps dip into the 40's here at night.

A 15 yr old 3/4 length Thermarest backpacking pad was the first effort. Threw a blanket on top and it was pretty comf w/ my NorthFace mummy bag as a top blanket. Aside from the pad sliding around a bit (I sense a double layer hammock in my future), I was happy.

So today I thought, why not try my giant 2" thick Thermarest Trail Pro. It is stupid long and wide and well, maybe it will make an instant bridge hammock?

The GT being a double, all that extra side material has it curling up pretty bad when I get in but it for sure does keep the edges off my shoulders.

Thing I don't like, the bottom corners really press into the hammock and rhe top corners have the valve knobs that I think could be an issue. Don't want to stress out the GT fabric.

I did an initial search of the forums but didn't find much negative on using a giant pad or the air valves creating an issue....that's my worry here.

Anyone try the mega oversized pad option w/ bad results?