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    Collectors item?

    Anyone still using or have the 3/4 length 0 Ptarmigan made by Hammock Gear. I have one and pulled it out of storage last night. It even has a handsewn Hammock Gear tag that says Custom Made by Stormcrow

    Then I compared it to the 3/4 length 0 Winter Crownest (remember them) I bought for Hamhocker.

    I think both are 900 fill but the Ptarmigan sure feels heavier than the Crowsnest. I haven't weighed them yet

    It is interesting to see how the quilts by Hammock Gear have evolved over the yrs.

    Keep up the good work!!!
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    I have an original 20* Crowsnest, actually I think one of the first ones that he made with 900fp down, with that same "Custom Made by Stormcrow" as yours! I showed Stormcrow the quilt at last years Mt.Rogers hang and he said "What was I thinking ", then "this thing belongs in a museum "!

    I had a Pharm for a very short time but got rid of it as the Crowsnest was just so dang fluffy and warm (I think it lofts almost as much as a 0*)! My better half took control of the Crowsnest and has had a kungfoo-deathgrip on it.

    I agree it has been very interesting to see the transition and growth of HammockGear not only in its products but also in the company as well, and honestly quite exciting. Everytime it's something new, with an improvement (so -to -speak), different shapes, cuts, suspension, shelf, and soooo much more !
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    I used to own a 0 Ptarmigan with 800fp and an original burrow. Sold them to fund some of his newer models and then sold them to fund 7D quilts when stormcrow made the lighter material available. The progression has been fantastic and I have really enjoyed watching Hammock Gear grow into what it is today. Now I just have to wait for him to crank out something new so I can buy more amazing products from him. Thanks stormcrow for all your innovative work and creativity.
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