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    I apologize to the OP for my post as I didn't realize that there was actually "Two Zeppelins" and I thought you were referring too the 3/4 length!

    Price wise they are so close that it get tossed out in the wash, as if you are already going to spend that much on a piece of gear then a extra 20$ or so shouldn't break the bank, and if it will then you really should be looking at a less expensive quilt (and they are out there)!

    I think what Canoebie was trying to express was that the whole "this vs. that" is, well not right as they all make exceptional products, and have been used (and sometimes abused) by many and performed as they should! I think a better way of presenting the question would be, "What are the differences between "X" and "Y" ! As there have been a ton of which is better than the other and no one can tell you that but you! We all speak very highly of the manufacturers that we chose to go with, and I think by him saying that you need to ascertain what you need and which fits those needs is basically saying, price, fill, options, colors, fabrics, size, etc.... are the things that "You" need to weight on and we can give our opinion on them, but it still remains for you to make the choice!

    FWIW I have used quilts with and without draft collars and have made them all work, the addition of draft collars just makes it a little easier to make that seal at the ends, but there is still always a chance of a gap and getting the dreaded CBS.

    I don't think you've upset anyone, and I didn't per sieve your post that way (even the title)! I will say though that all of the information about both of these quilts, well almost all quilts as there is a few that don't list what they are using, but, using the search function here on HF and looking over the specs from the makers web page should give you a great deal of information, then develop other questions which are more direct to a specific thing rather than a broad spectrum like which is better!

    As was said before both quilts will perform as advertised, you just need to work out the finer details!

    If you have any other questions please ask away.
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    Cranky Bear: thank you for your thoughtful reply. I felt I was being specific in that I am concerned about ease of use. I've read everything I can find about both quilts but when it comes down to it there really isn't as much information out there as one might think.

    Everyone else: thank you for your contribution and your help with making my decision.

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    I have both and I think they are both great companies to do business with, both quilts are top notch quality, and both were at comparable pricing. The one thing I like about UGQ is that they have more colors of fabric to choose from, but HG could probably get other colors too if you asked.
    It really comes down to personal preference.
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