Just received back a brand-new WBBB 1.1 Dble that my wife inadvertently got into with sneakers on, and promptly ripped an "L"-shaped hole in the bugnetting with. I had borrowed it from a guy who had just bought it on my recommendation, and he hadn't even used it yet! D'oh!

I quickly did my Mea Culpas to my friend, and ordered him a new one, which came already, and in the process asked Brandon if he could repair the torn netting. After a couple of questions, I sent it off, and he amazingly repaired the hole just as well as it could be done! ANother usable hammock!

I proudly display a "Warbonnet Outdoors" Sticker on my SUV. Trust and faith earned.

I just want to thank Brandon, and all the other cottage vendors here that I have dealt with over the years, for just being incredibly honest, upstanding, and service-oriented folks!

What a place!

~ Sky