Checking in from the Smokies in Tenn. My son introduced me to hammocking. We bought him an Eno for his birthday. Then I got an Eno but was not comfortable and returned the whole package.
Then the skies opened and I found this awesome forum which then led me to the JacksrBetter bridge hammocks. Found the wonderfulness of any position sleeping !!!!

Went on a 4300 mile trip to Cape Breton Nova Scotia on my DR650 dual sport this Summer and enjoyed hanging in the JacksrBetter. Got the $29 blue hammock from Wallmart to hang my riding gear in at night...plenty good for that duty

Just got a Surly Long Haul Trucker with racks and getting in condition for the next journey using pedal power instead of gas and pistons !!!!!!!

Really enjoying the vast amount of hammock knowledge and ideas on this forum