So I have a modular quilt M55 set up to take one layer of IX with some breathable panels, 1 layer of 2.5oz Apex and one layer of 5oz Apex.

The apex inners are silk covered and tie in with nacro biners.

I can mix and match these So least just a single layer of IX if I want, or the warmest a layer of IX, + 7.5 OZ of Apex climashield.

I want to build a Eno style UQ and I want to build it the same way as above, IE be able to swap out inner quilts. Same as above and I want to set it up so I can zip it up almost to the head sort of like a pea pod.

I also have the large hammock size 1/4" CCF pad from GG I can throw between my dbl layer hammock.

With a 7.5XP + IX quilt and a 7.5XP +1X eno I should be able to take on some serious low temps.

Generally Thinking IX only hot summer, 2.5 Apex early fall, 5 Apex late fall, 7.5 Apex +IX winter.

Any ideas on warmth ??