Here is a quick video of what I have been working on for alittle added weather protection from rain and wind as well as adding some warmth to my setup of a JacksRBetter UL bridge hammock that was totally modified and lightened to the specks of Professor Hammock's design. Material for the top cover used was about 4.5 yds of Momentum 90 MR (tafetta) with a DWR finish and the bottom is the NEW 2Q&ZQ's UQP also made from a very light weight material that is also DWR finished and both materials used are breathable. You can either stuff the top cover inside the UQP or leave it hanging on the outside as so far in using it,,no heat loss detected at 50 degrees other nite and honestly,,it was almost too hot to be using it at that warm of a temp. At the time I did use it was with a 50 degree down TQ and a 50 degree Jarbridge and slept in shorts and tee shirt and was toast. Can't wait to try it out in a colder climate as I am sure it will do what I want it to. Hope you enjoy the video.