Hey everyone, Just wanted to officially introduce myself. I have been spending a ton of time reading on this forum trying to get ready for winter. I have had a HHUL Asym for about 5 years, but only used it for occasional solo camping trips. I hurt my back a while back and have been in pain non stop until I started sleeping in my hammock. So I dove off the deep end. After a ton of research I ordered a WBBB and superfly on 9/7/12, it came in yesterday!!!!! I can not be more happy with it, and the tarp. I guess I got really lucky with my order, some people have waited 4-6 weeks to get there stuff. I have been sleeping in the hammock almost every night with a pad and sleeping bag, and decided I want/need an UQ, ordered a HG Phoenix and Burrow. Can not wait till those come in, or I need to find a way to hang a hammock in my room. LOL. I have already bought a ton of zing it and amsteel and made a set of whoopie slings, adj ridge line, and tarp ridgelines. Next project is making my own gathered end hammock and maybe even a tarp. Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together and keeping this place updated and running. I hope to make some of the local group hangs.