I spent about 8 hours sewing today. But now I have a really cool SilNylon tarp

First, I laid out my shape using a fair curve

I decided on 5" of cut per 72" of length

The first piece is cut out. One more to go.
The finished size will be 11'x10'

The reinforcements of the corners is what took most of my time.

Some of my seams are pretty crooked. But they're solid.

I made a not too tight stuff sack for it. This isn't even fully compressed.

It weighed in (without guy lines) at 14 ounces.

As long as I had the thread injector out I made some new tree straps and then made a little loop to hold my marlin spike toggle.

My back is killing me. I need a drink and an Aspirin. But I have a cool tarp now just waiting for seam sealer. I think I'll add some tie outs tomorrow.

Add this to my home made hammock. . .

And I've just about got my new sleeping system built. So far I'm still under 2 1/2 pounds for the hammock, suspension and tarp.