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    As a relatively younger guy, who enjoys a good chat, I LOVE hammockforums for the INFO. To me it is the "reference materials" that are the unsung heroes of HF. I have no issue with chat, but if it keeps me from learning that so-and-so's tarp failed because of "X", I'm not for it here at HF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by body942 View Post
    ...I LOVE hammockforums for the INFO. To me it is the "reference materials" that are the unsung heroes of HF. I have no issue with chat, but if it keeps me from learning that so-and-so's tarp failed because of "X", I'm not for it here at HF.
    I think this sums up my opinion. The main drive of HF seems to me to be a learning experience, for all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chard View Post
    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone ever gave thought to a online chat channel for Hammock Forums structured just like the home HF site.

    I regularly use Teamspeak for gaming and thought it might be a great new way for people to take interacting on the forums to a new level. Having channels that replicate the HF topics could keep the discussions focussed on the matter at hand.

    Also, I've made many good "online" friendships using an application like Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Skype..

    Just throwing it out there. Hammock forums is already such an amazing site and I truly believe that if it ain't broke don't fix it. This was just an idea.
    I already have more than a handful of ways to "live-chat" with folks (google+, aim, livemail, skype, teamviewer,, IRC channels galore) ...the list goes on- and on- etc.).

    Last thing i need is Yet Another app to keep up with.

    I also know from experience that valuable information in chat 'histories' is much more difficult to learn from than forum postings.

    Imho, adding chat tools onto HF is just redundant;
    makes information more difficult to find;
    makes learning more time-consuming;
    and does seem to violate or dilute the HF mission.

    Let's not even talk about the increased workload on moderators. Ever tried keeping a dinner-conversation with 8 people on topic?

    In summary- I can already chat with anyone i need to.
    So I voted, "No thanks".

    YI*KES! Just re-read this before posting it. Sounds a bit negative - not my intent! Just trying to share some of what i learned during more than 15 years in the IT industry. Hope you receive it this way
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    I remember when AOL chat rooms were the hottest thing around. I even did IRC back then, and AOL Instant Messenger. In my opinion, it's now a technology with limited appeal and even more limited function.

    It was cool once, but not anymore. It's 20th century technology, not 21st century technology. Facebook has a chat function - that nobody uses (for that matter, based on the number of posts I see in my circle of friends, nobody uses Facebook anymore either).

    And as Shug mentioned, the chat users that type the fastest will dominate a chat room.

    I do like chat for things like corporate communication, when you have a question that really doesn't warrant an e-mail or phone call. "What's the URL to reset my password?" or "Where do I find the manual for the xxx doohickey?" My company has a proprietary chat client that is a great enhancement to productivity, in my opinion.

    I also love chat in customer service scenarios, when you go to a website and a little chat window pops up with "Would you like to chat with a customer service representative?"

    But I wouldn't use a hammock chat application, nor do I want to see it incorporated in HammockForums.

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