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    Hammock as Bivi Bag

    While Kayaking with a friend in the Gulf Islands and advocating the Hammock alternative to a tent, I would add, "... and you can use it to sleep on the ground if you don't have trees."

    It finally happened; we came to a camp site with one tree. I could have made a "tree" by lashing some drift wood together but decided it was time to prove my case. I had some collapsible poles I brought for the Hex Fly and they became my tree. I tied the HH ridgeline/suspension cord about 2 feet off the ground and angled down to a stake.

    It wasn't pretty but it kept the sketters off my face. And I could answer any jibs with, "My hammock makes a better tent than your tent would make a hammock."

    Here are a couple of photos.
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