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    Smile Pochuck Mtn, NJ to Delaware Water Gap

    Just finished a short trip (56.5 miles and 6 nights, 12-18 Oct) on the AT using the HH Asym UL for a few nights. Temps ranged from a high of about 70 at start to an estimated low of mid-30's on the last night on Kittatinny Mtn. Mostly 50's and 60's for day time hiking. A couple of days of cloudy weather with a few light showers now and then. However, not much of a rain effect on the trip. The fall colors were really bright and vibrant. Vistas to 30-40 miles into NJ and PA from the crest of this long ridge when the weather was clear. Could not have ordered a better week for a trip.
    Five excellent shelter areas to camp at over this trip. Hung the hammock at 2 shelters and 2 stealth camp sites, plus one designated backpacker site. Went to ground for one night when there were no convenient trees at one shelter and spent the last night at the Church of the Mountain Hostel in DWG.
    Got to see my first Black Bear and cub - both doing about 30 mph at 25 yards from me, plus untold turkeys, a billion squirrels and a handfull of deer. Hiking was somewhat hampered by all the rock in the trail. My guess is that 50 years of use has worn many parts of NJ AT down to the rock base on top of Kittatinny Mtn. Use good boots or walk lightly.
    The last night tested the limit of the hammock with the BA Insulated Air Core pad and 20-degree bag. Cold on the edges. I had sent the JRB Nest UQ home before I started since I had no more room in the pack. Could have used it that night. Otherwise, a great hanging trip. I think I may almost have the hanging thing about right. Think I'll go for an 11' x 10' tarp to replace the 10' x 8' I'm currently using. Would help with the wind problem.
    In the DWG, be sure and stop at the Apple Pie Bakery for fresh pie (about 20 choices) and some ice cream.

    I have put a few photos in my album and on the trailjournals web site.
    Attached Images Attached Images

    It's a long way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll ----- those hills!!!

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