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    Smile Review: Equip Travel Hammock

    One day recently I was in Wal-Mart and decided to walk through the sporting goods department. My six year old son has been asking me to take him camping and I was looking to find him a sleeping bag. While looking for a sleeping bag I discovered a blue bag with something stuffed inside. Upon further inspection I determined that what I was holding was a hammock. The EQUIP travel hammock and it had a price tag of $24.95. I thought I would give it a shot for that price but I didnít really expect much from it.

    I took it home and gave it a good review. You can find my review on my blog and there will be a video review at the end. Hope you enjoy the review.

    Also, don't forget the Wilderness Logics Lite Owl Hammock we are giving away on Facebook.

    Here is the video I made for the review. You will still have to visit my blog to see the final thoughts part of the review.

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