I want to apologize in advance if my question has already been answered, but I could use some help which I haven't been able to find.

I wish to hang a hammock in my room which is nothing but drywall. Behind the drywall there are metal studs which from my browsing the web doesn't make my idea any easier. The same goes for the celling. I found this thread where a user: Gary R uses two studs (wood) to split the weight. Will this be doable on metal studs perhaps if I use 3-4 studs.


Another solution I thought about was to drill a hole into the frame of my door and installing an eyebolt there. Where the other end would go I haven't figured out yet.

But anyway, if anyone has a brilliant idea on how to hang a hammock in drywall/metal studs which doesn't involve a stand I would love you forever.