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    Thanks for the advice! Watched the shug videos which were helpful. Went to REI and bought some cord to use for tie outs, and the rainfly. Going to try not running a continuous ridgeline the first night and see how it works out.
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    Got back from my first overnight hang, and I will not be going back to a tent anytime soon. The one question I had about the blackbird was laying in different positions other than left to right using the footbox. When I was just hanging out for a bit I tried laying straight down the center. I know that you are supposed to lay corner to corner using the footbox, but I thought I would try it out. It really felt like I did not have much width to lay on and like the hammock was almost forcing me to slide my upper body to the left. I realize again the hammock was desinged to use the footbox and lay side to side. Secondly, when I tried laying the other direction (feet to the left side not using foot box) I kind of got the same feeling, that the hammock didnt have as much width to lay on. Is this because of the way I hung the hammock, or just a function of this hammock? With my ENO, its easy to lay in any of these positions. I move around a lot when I sleep so I wanted to try different positions.

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    I am 6ft 2 and 275lbs and use a 1.7 dbl. I sleep on my back and both sides in my BB without a problem. Sometimes I use the footbox and sometimes I don't.

    For me the main thing is to have the foot end hanging a few inches higher than the head end. Some people make a big deal over the tension in the hammock ridge line but I have not found it to be a issue for me if the hammock if strung tight or loose.

    My wife has been know to turn completely around in hers during the night.
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    Enjoy your purchase.

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