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    First sort of actual hang!

    I've done a few test runs with my hammock (exped asym zip), but mostly just set-up screwing around. I've been getting a bit stir-crazy the past week, and time and funds have not allowed an outing, so I set up in the yard. Took some thinking outside of the box, I'm using a tree from the neighbors yard (half the branches over-hang our place so I figure its all fair) and the "stump" support pillar on the house. Not the highest hang, so the ridge line on my HH is pretty tight (still can move it a bit though) Suspension is a kind of Frankenstein, stock tree strap and evenk hitch on the foot, and a dual ring type rig at the head. (the stock webbing looped around the post, then 2inch seatbelt doubled from that both ends running through rings with a half hitch. just avoiding knotting my webbing. stock line bight-bowline to the rings)

    Didn't spend the night in it, but everything I left in it stayed dry (thermarest short trail mat and MEC equatorial dual temp bag) Napped in it yesterday, and this morning when work got postponed. (ironically I'm supposed to be taking down a marquee tent, and it rained)

    So far it seems to be working really well for the napping, and I'm working out how to add a couple little things to customize for me. The stock tarp is going to work well as a sun-shade, but WOW does it start to look small as soon as it starts raining. I'm working on saving for a sewing machine (among other things)
    I've got an idea for a tarp design I'd like to try. Sort of a hybrid hex thing (probably already been done to death) with the non-zipper side being like the stock hennessy diamond (since its fairly well inaccessible anyway), and the other side a larger hex style to get more gazebo-y. I got the inspiration from the OldmanWinter pole mod.
    My two main concerns for the system are bugs, and torrential tropical rain, and right now the system seems pretty able to handle that, just so long as the rain stops before you have to get out.

    I'm getting the feeling that the whole hammock thing as a system deals with humidity better than most tents, even ones with "lots" of venting.

    Preaching to the choir here I know. I'm just stoked the have found a way to get it set up finally! So far the biggest problem I've run into, I lay down in it to see how to make it better, then I wake up and I've forgotten what I was sorting out!
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