Something heartwarming happened to me today.

I posted a question in the DIY-section, was told my question belonged in the donating members area, and as I'm completely out of funds I then asked how to nuke my thread since I wasn't going to be able to read it anyway.

I'm unemployed and in a pretty tight spot right now, not feeling good at all really, so when I just now got a PM from one of the mods telling me someone anonymously donated a years membership - I actually bursted in to tears...
I'm no little girl by no means, but this was just the most unselfish, loving and caring thing that anyone's done for me in a long time, and I could just feel it in my heart!

So, whoever you are, my warmest thank you and the best of wishes to you and yours!! You have restored my faith in mankind, in such a subtle way you made me see light in all of this darkness that's going on around me!

This forum is the greatest on earth, thank you all again, and Mr or Mrs Anonymous especially!

// Mix