I have been all over the good old USA in more modes of camping than I can even remember...from a 32 foot 5th wheel trailer down to a hammock. For me the hammock works best...not so good when I take the grand kids though...have you ever tried to sleep in a hammock with a 5 year old AND a 2 year old at the same time?? NOT a restful time at all as they both wind up on top of me! They refuse to use their own hammocks yet (scared of the dark) so it is tent or pop-up trailer with them.
About 12 years ago I took an old nylon army issue tarp type thing and turned it into a hammock (still have it) and cut slits in a sleeping bag to run the hammock ends through...worked great and I see now that type of bag is made commercially...should have copyrighted my idea!!!
Glad to have a site to learn all the stuff I have been doing wrong, and maybe doing a bit right too!!