Hi all!

I've been lurking around this site for a month or more. Wanted to say hello. I've always loved sleeping in hammocks and the idea of sleeping in hammocks. Never have I had difficulty sleeping in a hammock. I've decided to become a full time hammock hanger and am pleased to see so many enthusiastic peers!

Question(doesn't need an answer right now): Why does the western world hate the idea of sleeping in a hammock full time so much?? I have been met with nothing but resistance to this notion since I started on this quest 2 mos ago. Even as I attempt to get my hammock hung and search for the right stand - I hit dead ends everywhere... (unfortunately, I am not able to hang it from the walls or I would).

So, for my REAL question of the moment: Where in this forum should I pose my problem re: hanging a hammock on a stand in an apartment - so that it might be seen and properly categorized? (I'd rather give the details before anyone attempts to address my hammock problem right now)

Thank you!