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Thread: Kid Hammocks?

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    Kid Hammocks?

    Ok, Dad and Big Brother have Hammocks. Now, my 3 first graders think they need to have one as well when we go on camping trips. (2 Tiger Cub Scouts and a Daisy Girl Scout!)

    What is an inexpensive hammock for kids? I don't care about weight or warmth, because we will generally only be car camping, in mild weather. Their current Mummy Bags go down to 20 degrees, and If we are camping in anything colder than 50, I'd be very surprised.

    A Bug Screen is important though, whether it is integrated or added on later.

    I'd probably want us to all be under 1 or 2 tarps close together if possible, so Integrated Rainflies are not critical.

    I don't have the skills to DIY them, if it involves a Sewing machine.

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    I have twin 6-year-olds that want to hammock as well. They have 40* synthetic kid bags - we wont be out in cooler weather than that. They sleep well on the ground in my Nemo Meta 2P or it the family tent.

    If you don't sew then the Skeeter Beeter may be for you at $80.

    I was looking at Grand Trunk Hammocks. My evil plan is to add a ridge line and sew on a bug net (actually, have my wife do the sewing). For $17 I think I would get my needle and thread out and give it a try.

    As I have not pulled the trigger on mine yet, other option would be appreciated.
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    If you can sew or know someone who does, a DIY hammock made from a taffeta tablecloth is a pretty darn inexpensive way to go (heck, you don't even have to be able to sew, you can make a no-sew version easy enough). Best thing is they're not 'kid sized' so they can grow into 'em...


    Oops...didn't see your comment about not sewing when I read your post...there are still DIY options though and the tablecloths are only $12-$13 plus shipping
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    i went to the fabric store and purchased a couple yards of random nylon, tied an over hand knot at each end and BLAAZZZOWW! an instant hammock that my oldest daughter used from the age of 3 to works perfectly, and when you're backpacking you can stuff their whole pack with a few ounces of their own hammock and they really feel like a contributing part of the whole adventure! ...i think i spent all of $9

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    I went with HH Scout for my girls. And since I was buying 4 hammocks (2 Explorer Deluxes & 2 Scouts), I received a 20% discount.

    I looked at the Skeeter Beeter and I'm glad I went with the Scout. The Scout is a solidly constructed hammock. I can easily see these hammocks lasting a long time.

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    I am looking for a kid option as well and founf a cloth hammock at the ROSS for like 15 bucks and then I just got a military surplus skeeter net and added a seperate ridge line and has worked like a charm.
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    You might be able to talk one of the cottage vendors into making a ''kid-sized'' version for your youngens. Since it's less fabric, maybe they'll cut you a deal...Once you do get the hammocks, which is probably the hardest decision, there is a ton of info on hanging under one tarp on this forum. As far as bugs, any aftermarket bugnet will work, however, if you do get smaller than average hammocks, you might also be able to have someone make a smaller bugnet to fit that hammock rather than toting a fullsized one around.

    Since a lot of things will be on their back, you will want to keep ALL packs in the groupto the lightest possible standard(dad always carries most of the weight). The best way you could do that is talk to Brian at buttinasling hammocks. He and his counterpart specialize in their ability to make ultralight hammocks. They can customize your hammock size (I know this from experience) and may even do the bugnet custom as well. I don't know this personally though, because I haven't ordered a bugnet through them, but I am sure it wouldn't be too much of an issue.

    I am in no way affiliated with BIAS, just a happy customer speaking through his personal experience. I am sure any cottage group would do it, but BIAS just specializes in light gear...

    Good luck, happy hanging, and thanks for listening to my rambles...

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    Hey gang, I take you back to the crinkle taffeta table cloth. Edges are already done and just whip the end, so there is no sewing needed. Inexpensive and many of us have even thrown our Eno DN to the wind for the bigger, longer, more comfortable crinkle taffeta. Scroll down till you see the crinkle taffeta, pick your size, length and color. These would work great for kids too....go longer then you think, kids grow like weeds

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