Found a link to this site while searching for down underquilts....VERY COOL SITE!
Been "hanging" since I was a kid, camping out in the backyard in one of those nylon net style ultralite hammocks...ya know the kind that left it's mark on your skin for atleast 24 hours.
Well, I've been using a hammock regularly for the past 3 years. Looking to upgrade my kit, ditch the tent forever and be hanging into my eighties (I'm 45).
Just got back from three beautiful days in the Catskills, hiking Terrace, Wittenberg, Cornell, Slide, Panther and a night in Woodland Valley. Amazing weekend, perfect weather. Got a little chilly Saturday night (40's with a good breeze), looking into an underquilt for my next upgrade.
Currently hanging in a ENO DN and a Byer skeeter during the summer months.
I'm homebased in NJ right now but do the majority of my hiking/camping in NYS, Vt. and NH. Trying to get my girlfriend into hammock camping, she wont give up the ground. Think it's the cuddle thing, or maybe the peeing in the middle of the night has her bamboozled getting out/back in...I'll keep working on her.
Hobbies: Brewing beer (all grain), mushroom hunting (not the magic kind), freediving and MTB.